Join the Reformation! Part 2

by Jim Howard It was 1883. At that time, the truth was spread primarily by tracts and literature or by preaching to crowds. Elder Haskell was delivering a sermon to […]

Join the Reformation! Part 3

by Jim Howard So why did this new 
method of sharing the
 Bible generate such 
excitement in the young
 Adventist Church? The
 answer can be found in an 
advertisement for […]

Join the Reformation! Part 1

by Jim Howard I’ll never forget the first Bible study I ever gave someone. I was a new Christian and only 24 years old. A friend of a friend had […]

tennis shoes with bed springs duct-taped on the bottoms

Reach Higher

My wife and I work out together five days a week, whether we want to or not (and oftentimes it’s “not”). Anyone who has a regular exercise routine knows that you […]