Personal Ministries Training Weekend | May 1-3 | $75

Have you ever asked "Why am I losing Bible study interests? Why don’t people commit to Bible truth? How do I answer people’s objections? How can I make Bible studies compelling?" If you find yourself asking questions like these, you don’t want to miss our “Taking Up the Sword" training weekend! This Personal Ministries weekend will focus exclusively on gaining better results from your Bible study ministry, whether as an individual or a local church leader.

Cost: $75 for cabin housing and meals; $100 for lodge housing and meals; $25 for meals only.

Local Church Leadership Training | TBA | Free

This weekend training will be specifically for local elders and deacons. Exact date and location will be posted, so keep checking back or contact us at

Cost: This program is free.

Youth Rush Intensive May 29-June 1

As part of our Conference's Youth Rush summer Magabook program, we will be training a select few young people to be more grounded in their own Biblical faith, to be more connected in their personal walk with the Lord, and to be more effective in reaching souls for the kingdom. In order to participate, you must first be accepted to the Youth Rush summer program. Go to their web site at for more details.

Cost: Included with Youth Rush, but due to limited space, student must be accepted to program.

Ignite Your Church | June 16-21 | Michigan Camp Meeting 2019

This is the most comprehensive church training we have ever offered. In addition to training you in effective soulwinning techniques,  we will help you evaluate the health of your local church, identify your hindrances to growth, and develop a plan to make your church more focused, spiritual, friendly, and passionate.

Cost: This program is free, but there is an optional $25 fee for materials.