The training I received at Emmanuel has greatly enhanced my ministry and equipped me for successful soul-winning. If you desire to be rightly trained, expand the kingdom, and finish the work in this generation -- then this program is for you.
Moise Ratsara
GYC President & Pastor, Jackson, MI
When I attended the Emmanuel speaker training, I was greatly blessed by the simple practical training! The training was so comprehensive that I felt like I was handed a road map to effective evangelism. It took the guess work out of discipleship, and gave clear direction on how to successfully move forward. God used the Emmanuel training to further fuel my desire to be a part of His work, and gave me the assurance that He can even use me!
Taylor Hinkle
GYC GVP & Pastor, Cedar Lake, Michigan
Emmanuel Institute was a life changing experience. It helped me develop my character with all the training, outreach, and Bible studies. My spirituality here has been at the highest, learning, applying and sharing Christ with others.
Gina Campos
Student, Collegedale, TN
Since training at Emmanuel, I started a Bible study group in church, and one of our attendees is now giving Bible studies himself! I encourage all to take advantage of this wonderful training program - in seeking to bless others, you will be blessed yourself!
Ada Mendez
Berrien Springs, MI
Emmanuel Institute was exactly what I needed to become firmly grounded in my faith and to understand my role as a young Seventh-day Adventist Christian in hastening the Second Coming of Jesus.
Jennifer Calhoun
RN, Dayton, Ohio
This school has been used by God to transform my life into a more Christ centered one that is ready to go out into the world and seek the lost.
Jack Phillips
Independence, MO
My time at Emmanuel Institute has fired me up to be bold to share the Word. Although I knew it was important to share God’s Word with others, after learning at Emmanuel Institute it made the power of the Gospel of Christ alive in me. I also learned different ways to approach people with different backgrounds in order to be a successful witness in sharing the word of God. The reason I am still alive is so that I can be a co-worker with God which is the greatest privilege ever. My time at Emmanuel was in some ways the starting point of being a conscientious evangelistic Christian. I don’t think anyone can go there and not being changed after a such experience!
Carlot Dorvé
Master's Student, Penn State, PA
My husband and I had a wonderful experience at Emmanuel Institute, and we still reap the benefits of our time there. Learning to give Bible studies, going door-to-door, and reaffirming Adventist beliefs gave me the courage to begin giving Bible Studies. Emmanuel challenged me to call my neighbor and invite her to study the Bible. I’m thankful we still meet Monday mornings, and we’ve completed the entire Bible study set. The practical training motivated David and I to become more involved in neighbor ministries in Belleville, MI. Now is the time to partner with the Lord in the exciting work of evangelism, and this school and the wonderful staff will provide you the tools needed to further the work.
Sarah Canada
Ann Arbor, MI
As I am interested in evangelism I attended the short session at Emmanuel Institute. I took the tools and ran. I am on the Personal Ministries committee at church, have an increased focused prayer for personal evangelism & distribute glow tracks where ever I go. I was able to help with the Hero's of Faith series at our church God led to 2 baptisms, 2 Current Bible studies, 2 weekly prayer partners and even in writing a book for evangelism which is being published. God has power! Thank you Emmanuel Institute for the tools & inspiration to teach, mentor & seek for souls! Now God's fire is leading me to help with a Dental clinic and the unlocking Revelation series. Praise God!
Cyndi Shook
Lansing, MI